Tomorrow X Together (or TXT) is a South Korea boy band consisting of five members. It was created by Big Hit Music in 2011, and is one the most loved K-pop bands of all time. Its members include Yeonjun, Yeonjuns, Beomgyu and Taehyun. The group has released several albums, including the first, kpop album.

TXT released their third album, “FREEZE,” on May 31. The band’s previous EP “Still Dreaming” featured the title track. Freeze, the second album of the trio, follows suit and adopts a more serious tone. The group does away with unrealistic ideallism and adopts a more realistic perspective. Despite its dark theme, the album is filled with cheery production and dance beats.

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FREEZE is the band’s new album. It will be available on June 15. This album continues the journey of the trio from boyhood to adulthood, and includes songs about the loss or innocence. These songs and their themes are deeply emotional. TXT’s autotune sound and heavy bass make the music a true txt classic. Fans of pop should definitely listen to the songs on “FREEZE”.

TXT’s latest album FREEZE continues their trilogy. The album is darker thematically but the lyrics are more realistic and pragmatic which makes it more approachable. It’s a mixture of upbeat beats and polished production. But the band is most known for its energetic songs. TXT’s upcoming album will likely be just as explosive as the previous one.

“FREEZE” the band’s Japanese album is their second. It continues the trio of songs. While it is more laid back than their previous albums, it’s still enjoyable to listen to. The Japanese-language version will contain ten tracks and an original Japanese track. TXT’s dream, which is “Still Dreaming”, is the title of their 2011 debut album.

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